Do you ever wonder how your products are made, where they may be coming from, or what exactly they are made of? In the beginning, we didn't either. You will not believe the amount of harmful and unsafe production manufacturers there are around the world.
We chose certified organic Texas cotton for its safe, clean labor and integrity of the cotton producers who carefully pick each bale chosen from the farm.
Then, the cotton is completely transformed at the Rael factory in a sterile, open environment that neatly packages our biodegradable pads. 
Finally, it is shipped back here to sunny California where our team is committed to creating high-quality products.
We do not believe in mass production. This ensures the quality of our products by keeping items up to date instead of storing them in warehouses for an extended period of time. 
With the Rael laboratory, and through various research and technology, we are able to create exceptional products. It is our commitment to create only the best for our customers.